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Stop introducing foreign objects into the vagina– General Nurse

Farida Ibrahim, a qualified general nurse, has advised women to stop putting things in their vagina to reduce their risk of contracting infections. She defined vaginal infections as ailments brought on by inflammation or infection in the vulva or vagina.

She noted that there are numerous factors that can lead to vaginal infections, but that bacterial infections are among the most frequent ones and are frequently brought on by the use of unidentified objects and substances in the vagina.

Farida Ibrahim said, "The vagina was made in a very specific way, thus, it cleans itself and doesn't need you to enter any foreign items, chemicals, or agents into it," on Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess's Girl Vibes show on Ghana.

She said that because the vagina is acidic and has a PH range of roughly 3.8 to 4.8, when something new is inserted, it changes the PH. The growth of the bacteria known as the normal flora, which is present in the vagina, can be caused or inhibited when this PH is altered.

The usual flora may be reduced or overgrown as a result. These are some of the things we do that have an impact on the bacteria, which are the cause of vaginal infections. Some of them could be bacteria, so when a foreign substance is introduced and there is an excess of the bacteria in the vagina, it can also result in bacterial infections or yeast infections, she noted.

According to Madam Rashida, continuous use of antibiotics causes hormonal changes and imbalance in women, which affects the PH of the vagina and contributes to yeast infections. For this reason, if women wish to prevent infections, they must be very selective and deliberate about what they use in their vaginas.

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