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Why You Were Seriously Sick After Taking The Covid19 Vaccine.

A vaccine stimulates our immune system by presenting an inactive microbe, either whole or partial , to our body.

It has now been months since the country has started the vaccination process in ensuring the lives of Ghanaians are back to normal. This is because normal life which was well known by the people of Ghanaians has been negatively impacted by the unplanned lockdown regulation that was there to save the lives of Ghanaians from spreading the virus.

Regarding how we can help curb the spread of the deadly covid19 , vaccination are being introduced in different localities across the country. The first vaccines came into Ghana in February and now we are having a different vaccine from India.

Ghanaians are complaining that " the vaccines are making us sick and we wouldn't go in for the second phase of the vaccines.

So in today's article I would like to share with you , why you were sick after taking in the covid19 vaccines, so do well to read through this content to the very end.

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Why You Were Sick After Being Vaccinated.

1. Headache.

Lots of people contracted headache after taking in the vaccines, this was solely because of the pains associated with the injection. The injection may cause lots of pain in the body which may end up resulting in severe headache.

Note that this is normal and will stop within 2 or 3 days.

2. Malaria.

Covid19 vaccines were also made in a way that if your body was already having any form of the plasmodium . It helps the body shows the virus for further treatment.

This is even a positive effect of the vaccines but most Ghanaian see them to be a cause of their malaria.

3. Alcohol and smokers are advice not to take in alcohol on the day of vaccination. This is because the alcohol may react with the vaccines thus will end up resulting in health. complications and diseases.

4.Don't also take in painkillers before the vaccination , they are also very bad.

Let's note that the vaccines are doing us good rather than harm.

So let's all of us help curb the spread of the virus but taking the vaccines.

covid is real, mask up stay safe.

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