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Ladies, stop using this sanitary pad during menstruation because it is Demonic- Video confession

During an interview on the television, a former worker of the devil has narrated an incident that is shocking. We have read and heard occult stories over and over but never have I heard that there is a pad on earth that comes from the demonic kingdom.

He narrated that the consequence of using the sanitary pad is grievous because it goes a long way to fight you physically and spiritually. In his words, he said ‘there is a sanitary pad in town. Any lady that uses the pad during menstruation automatically sends her blood to the demonic world.’

It does not matter the lady’s age or status or whatsoever. As long as she uses that pad when menstruating, her blood gets transferred to the demonic world. Every single drop of blood is of use in the evil world. The pad has so many incantations on it because it was manufactured from under the sea.

Even few of those that were manufactured on it have so many demons infested in it. Nowadays, you do hear females say that they feel for sex right after menstruation. Yes, some of them are genuine feelings while the others arise due to some of these adverse reactions from demons and the spiritual world.

It is also common to hear ladies complain of infection after menstruation due to some types of sanitary pads they used. Not all pads are evil but since the television program did not permit him to mention any name on their tv to avoid court-related issues, the man could not name the pad in question.

But he gave a hint of the pad he made reference to. This should guide every female who reads this post. He said any pad that does not bear the name of the company that produced it should not be bought. In other words, he said if the pad you use does not have the name of a company written on it, don’t buy it.

He also indicated that, if the name written on the pad is someone’s name or any other mere name, think twice before buying it. In his words, he said ‘continue using the pad that existed in the former times. Those new ones in the system should be used with caution but for safety, all the sanitary pads that existed earlier can be used.’

The occult world is very real. Their activities will never stop. When we discover a way, they use another way. It is only in Christ that we can be secured. When a true Christian prays over this evil sanitary pad, her blood will not be sent to the demonic world. When a weak Christian prays over the same sanitary pad, her blood will be sent to the evil world.

It pays to be a true Christian. Irrespective, whatever you buy from the market, first pray over it before using it. Be it food or cloth or cosmetic or any other product, first pray for it because the times in which we live is evil.

The man also gave a hint on why our mothers used to menstruate for seven days but now, ladies menstruate for two to three days. He agreed some are natural but added that, some are also from these evil pads. Please don’t forget to + Follow my page for more of realities.

Watch the video here:

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