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How To Reverse Hearing Loss Using This Natural Herbs.

Hearing loss can be reversed by the use if some natural herbs but due to the lack of knowledge in our natural herbs we suffer from hearing lost.

Hearing loss can be traumatic, different people have different reactions to hearing loss because for many it can result in social, psychology and physical problems.

If you are losing or have lost your hearing, it's understandable to questions whether you can reverse hearing loss.

Lets take a loot at some hers which can reverse hearing loss.

According to research there are many types of hearing loss.

Some of the types of hearing loss are;

1) sensorineural

2) conductive

3) mixed hearing loss

Tips about sensorineural hearing loss:

It is the most common type of hearing loss and it's permanently caused by damage to your auditory nerve or the cilia, which are tiny hairlike cells in your inner ear.

Meniere's diseases can cause sensorineural hearing loss.

Some tips of conductive hearing loss:

It is caused by an obstruction or damage to your outer or middle ear that inhibits sound from being conducted to your inner ear.

With conductive hearing loss, your inner ear and auditory nerve are undamaged depending on the cause and this type of hearing loss can be temporary or permanent.

This is so that it run from wax impaction to the traumatic break in connection between the bones of the middle ear.

Some tips about the mixed type of hearing loss:

Sometimes hearing loss can be the result of combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. For instance, your sensorineural hearing loss might be complicated to wax implication and due to that it is called mix hearing loss.

Without wasting much time let's take a look at the natural treatments of hearing loss;

Things or items needed;

1) ginger

2) Tree oil

3) Olive oil

3) teaspoon

4) vinegar

Methods or procedures;

1) put four cups of water in a pot to boil

2) slice three(3) fresh ginger

3) add 1table spoon of cilantro.

4) add 1table spoon of cinnamon

5) put one table spoon of oregano

6) add one table spoon of rosemary

7) a table spoon of sage

8) boil the following items together

9) stain it


Drink three cups a day for three werks.

Using tree oil to reverse hearing loss, follow the following methods:

Tree oil is believed by many to possitvely treat hearing loss and deafness.

You should use this remedy with causion and be sure to mention to a doctor before attempting it.


1) add three tree oil

2) two tablespoons if olive oil

3) one colloidal vinegar

4) one table spoon of apple cider vinegar


Place the mixture into your ears and sit for about five minutes and it should be done four times daily.

Please try to follow the above procedures and trust me any person suffering from hearing loss will be healed.

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