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Covid-19 implemented to decrease population in Ghana?

In a country, the population of the people must not exceed the resources or else we will all starve to death simply because, all foods might be eaten up leaving nothing behind for even the rich.

Most countries have implemented a rule to ensure that, the number of children to be bore by a family is limited to a certain number and it is happening in China, where the limit is 1. One couple must have only one child.

This is really helpful because, the population would not be outrangeous causing lack of foods.

If Ghana had implemented a rule to reduce the population of people, we would surely not obey as people would be like are you the one to tell me the number of children to have? Be honest to yourself, would you have agreed?

The introduction of the Covid-19 had sparked lots of controversies of which some is apparently true. Many people in my community had serious headaches after taking the vaccine.

It was reported on news too that people had died after taking the vaccine of which some people are saying it's a coincidence, I don't think so.

The Covid-19 vaccine may had come to decrease the population in Ghana indirectly. Because the deaths are rising slowly and steadily.

If the President had come directly to reduce the population by implementing the rule I stated, we would have reduced. The vaccine was manufactured not in Ghana but in China who were also trying to reduce their population.

So, what if they are using this vaccine as am excuse to decrease the population in Ghana. We Ghanaians, may have nothing but we have open minds and are very thoughtful.

Thanks for reading.

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