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Autism disorder in the life of children in the world

Autism is a spectrum disorder is a broad term used to define a group of people of neurodevelopmental disorder.

This disorder is shown by lack of effective communication and social interaction people with this disorders are often restricted, repetitive or different patterns of behavior.

Autism is found in individual around the world no matter the culture, racist or their economic background.According to centre for disease control and prevention the illness Autism does not often occurs in boys than in girls.

How to know that some one is suffering from Autism.the symptoms of the Autism review early during the childhood age of the child between 12 to 24 month of the age or the symptoms may show later the stage of the age.

Some of the symptoms to show that a child is suffering from Autism is difficulties in communication and social interaction.when a family is made up of Autism it is likely for the the generation to suffer from such sickness.

Genetic mutation when the genetic of the parent is having a problem with this illness it may be likely that the children will have the Autism.

But note that Autism can be cured and it not a curse.many treatment approaches are play therapy, Occupational therapy, speech therapy engaging the child to all this can help cure Autism from the individual.

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