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3 Incredible health benefits of watermelon for men

Watermelon has over the years proven as one of the nutritious fruits with many health benefits. Watermelon is classified as a medicinal fruit due to the functions it plays. The fruit and the seeds are all used for many purposes. In other parts of the world, watermelon is used to treat many diseases because of the medicinal purpose.

It contains a substance called lycopene which makes it good for the heart health that prevents the heart from many diseases. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps the body to fight infections and also protects the body from inflammation.

Because of the watery nature of it, it keeps the body hydrated. It also contains fibre that aids bowel movement (peristalsis) which in turn helps in digestion and prevents constipation.

Watermelon protects the kidneys and prevents any kidney related disorders. It also prevents high blood pressure (hypertension) and regulates blood sugar. It protects the eyes from poor vision in old age, helps maintain good skin and tone the muscles as well. All these benefits are general and good for the well-being for everybody.

However, there are specific benefits and roles in males that watermelon has been playing over years which has been proven. The following are reasons why males should consume watermelon on regular basis:

1. It serves as natural viagra. This is very useful because it helps men to last long in bed. It does not contain any synthetic substance and because it is natural, it has not side effects.

2. It protects the prostate gland from any infection or cancer. It contain anti-oxidants that prevents free radicals or oxidative stress therefore making the prostate stronger and healthier.

3. It helps is dilation and relaxation of the heart muscles and the blood vessels. The process allows easy flow of blood. Aside this, watermelon has natural calories that gives enough energy to do all the daily activities.

How to prepare watermelon smoothie which serves as natural viagra

1. Cut watermelon into pieces. Do not remove the seeds.

2. Put them in a jug

3. Squeeze little amount of lemon juice in addition and a tablespoon of honey

4. Add little amount of water to it (optional)

5. Blend everything until how you desire it to be

6. Poor in a glass and take outright. You can make it prepare it plenty and reserve some in the fridge so you can take everyday. It works like magic.

This is organic and should be devoid of any artificial spices or preservatives. Thanks for reading.

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