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5 Habits That Kill Your Heart

The heart is an important organ in the human body. As a matter of fact the heart is central to all the organs and their various functions. Without its duties, these organs like the brain, the Kidney and the Liver may not be able to perform their usual functions.

The heart primarily pumps blood around the body. This blood contains essential nutrients which which are needed by the various organs and tissues around the body. 

The heart is so important that it is the organ that is checked to pronounce someone dead. It is an outright duty of every living being to ensure its safety, that is if they want to live healthily and survive longer. 

This article discusses some of our usual daily habits we need to check up on or modify to ensure our heart health. 


Most important among these habits is our diet. The food we eat basically defines us. It is important to eat foods that do not have so much salt content in them. It is also important to reduce the amount of daily fat taken in particularly that from red meat due to high amount of unsaturated fat it has. Keep this before we move on: too much salt, too much water, too much pressure on the heart.


The average Ghanaian man has been taught not to show his emotions no matter what because it’s a sign of weakness. Believe me it is true what they say that a problem shared is half solved. Keeping your worries to your self raises your blood pressure so much and with time you begin to put so much pressure on the heart. This can result in its failure to perform its duties. Stop thinking man..! Open up 


Yes smoking. People who smoke are about 10times more likely to develop heart related conditions than those who don’t smoke. Not smoking also means not inhaling by accident or by chance the smoke of any cigarette. People who only inhale the smoke by some accident or chance or persistent basis are even more at risk. Smoking narrows those small tiny vessels of your heart and puts so much pressure on your heart. In effect disturbing the heart and its usual activities. 


The ordinary Ghanaian man or woman will get some three or two tots of strong alcohol before they swallow their soft fufu. Someday I will really want to know the link here. It is not entirely wrong to drink some alcohol but the frequency and quantity at which you do is what gives the problem. Drinking so much alcohol increases the rate at which the heart pumps blood. As you might have heard, over speeding kills..! Same applies to the heart. It also destroys the muscles with which the heart pumps blood overtime. You can only imagine the rest. 

5.Lack of Exercise 

It is not enough at all to wake up, take your bath, get into your car and drive all the way to work. It is not. Some folks will argue that driving is itself an exercise. How much of an exercise is this ..? Why not walk that 5km stretch if you can before work. Why not climb up and down that hill or staircase..? Well just so you know exercise improves the movement of blood around the body, makes you sharp and healthy. Just think about it, the footballers have equally suffered from Covid 19, has any lost his life ..? Ah well...!

Let’s be hard on ourselves to get a better life in our old ages. 

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