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Ladies, Please Don't Ignore These Initial Signs Of Cancer

Breast cancer can possibly happen to anyone but most times, it is genetic and it currently has no cure. As a woman, there are certain symptoms and signs you will see in your body that only determines that you have breast cancer and those symptoms should be treated with utmost importance.

So, in this article, we are going to briefly discuss on some early signs of breast cancer that should not be ignored.

Here Are 3 Early Signs Of Breast Cancer That Should Not Be Ignored

* Visible Changes In The Nipple Or Skin: In most cases, there are usually visible changes in your skin or nipple during puberty but after that stage your skin and nipple should return to it's normal way.

Generally, there shouldn't be any sudden changes in your nipple or skin but if there are any obvious changes like, itchy or scaly rash, dimpling, puckering or any other changes, then I advice you see the doctor because those are not normal changes in the body. There are certain changes you might observe in your body that you shouldn't keep all to yourself but reach out to a doctor.

* Nipple Discharge: Discharge from nipple is certainly not normal in any woman's life unless you have given birth before.

Nipple discharge is one of the early signs of breast cancer but should not be a cause for immediate concern. Nipple discharge can be caused by a few things and it isn't an extremely common symptom of breast cancer.

* Swelling: Swelling can only occur during menstruation but if you notice that it continues to swell even after your period, then I advice you see a doctor.

If you notice that the swelling is abnormal or lasts too long, then you should seek for help because once your breast starts swelling whenever you are not on your period, then it might actually be a sign of breast cancer.

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