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Do You Want To Improve Yourself In Five Months?

1) Are you finding it difficult to change or improve yourself?

2) Are you so much addicted to something in your present situation?

3) Do you want to invest in developing yourself?

Well, giving up is very easy and simple but not giving up is challenging and sometimes painful, but the bold steps you take are very rewarding and satisfying after seeing where you have gotten to.

You can't keep on postponding your fitnees exercise and expect to remian in shape or maintain your weight. Starting your fitness exercise for twice or trice a week and sometimes once, could help you not to loose the interest by overdoing it. With all these, you can still loose the interest in doing it.

It's really hard to change. Isn't it?

But these are some ways to improve yourself in five months.

Take note: The marner or way you do anything is the way you do everything.

I personally had to invest in myself or improve myself in order to keep feeding myslef, paying my bills, staying healthy and serving God continiuesly. Attempting to improve yourself at doing a particular thing gives you the capacity to improve in evry aspect of your life.

Associating with community or friends is a possible way of having connections and the desire to improve yourslef. Because if you are able to use this medium to improve anything, you can also improve everything to make you better than before.

Improving or upgrading yourslef at inventment, writting, interviewing, negotiating, selling, leadership, computer codding etc.. will actually help you to keep feeding yourslef, paying your bills, improving your health and being the better person you always dream of.

I had to improve my computer skills and customer care skills to keep my current job position.The marner or way you do anything is the way you do everything.


A) Let books be part of your friends. They will not disappoint you. Books don't hate, jealous, fight, hurt, lie, abandon, steal. They are good and trusted friends. Reading to acqire knowledge is the best investment you can ever give to yourself.

B) Identfy your Talent or Passion and get obsessed with it. This can be your game changer.

C) Take stock of what you Loved doing at age 13 or below and develop or improve upon it everyday. This sometimes works like "magic"

D) Give a try to variety of things. Don't limit yourself withing a scope. Think outside the Box

E) Are you a bit good at doig something? Generally, what you have some passion or tallent at could easily develop to become an obsession. Anytime you improve at anything, you IMPROVE. The marner or way you do anything is the way you do everything.

F) MICRO-SKILLS: I loved seeing and hearing someone playing a piano. I have always desired seeing and hearing myself striking the white and balck keys on the piano with my fingures to make some good sounds. So I purchased a paino for myself for learning purpose. I contracted a piano teacher to teach me. I begun by learning all the keys, notes, chords, sofas etc... Honestly, I nearly gave up. But due to my love for music, I kept on taking my leassons one at a time. And I'm now proud of myself that, my friends are currently asking me to also teach them. I can't beleive this!!. Developing and improving MICRO-SKILLS really pays.

G) Failure is part of self Improvement/Development. If you fail to sweep your room or scrub you bath house today, it doesn't you mean you cannot do that tomorrow or another day. A football team can loose a match today and also win tomorrow. Failure is part of life but how you manage it makes the difference..

A lot of good people are in the wolrd. Connect with them for self improvement.

Writter: Peter Mortoti

Date: 18th April 2021


Content created and supplied by: Mortyflex (via Opera News )


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