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What It Means When Your Urine Splits Into Two & What You Should Do

When you go to the bathroom, all of a sudden you see that your pee stream is divided into two separate streams. Even though it may look like something that would be performed at a party at a college fraternity, a split stream is not a joke. 

This symptom is substantially more common in men than it is in women, and there are a wide variety of underlying conditions that could be to blame for its appearance. 

According to Medicalnewstoday, the most common cause of a double stream is adhesion. [Citation needed] It takes place when the two ends of the urethra come into brief contact with one another. In males, the tube that is responsible for the expulsion of semen and urine from the body is called the urethra. 

Dried sperm that only partially exits the urethra is the culprit in this sticky situation, and it usually causes the pipes to become clogged. In most cases, the harmless condition known as adhesion clears up on its own within a day or two. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, the following are the potential reasons why your pee is breaking into two separate streams. 

stenosis of the urethra

Because of the stricture, the urethra becomes more constrained. This condition is usually brought on by an injury or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that results in persistent inflammation or scar tissue. It is also possible for it to become visible after a surgical procedure or urethral catheterization. Infections of the urinary system, pain while urinating, and an inability to pass urine are three more symptoms that point to the presence of a stricture. 

Polyps in the urethra

Polyps, unlike other disorders, can cause split streams in both girls and women. Other disorders, on the other hand, only affect men. Polyps are benign, small growths that can be found in the urethra. In spite of the rarity of the condition, it is more likely to occur in females than in males. (Because of the shape of the toilet, it may be more difficult for women to spot a split stream, but they may be more likely to detect a messier spray. )


Because of the condition known as phimosis, in which the foreskin is unusually tight, some men have pain, infections, and a split urine stream. 

Grow the prostate gland

Males typically experience an enlargement of the prostate gland as they become older. Incontinence, dribbling, frequent urination, discomfort during urination, and a weak or divided urine stream are some of the symptoms that can be caused by an enlarged prostate. Frequent urination can also be caused by an enlarged prostate. 

Stenosis of the metathelial layer

A illness that causes the opening at the very end of the male private organ to become partially blocked is referred to as meatal stenosis in the medical field. It is relatively uncommon in boys and men who have not undergone the surgery, and the majority of the time, it is connected to circumcision. Meatal stenosis can be identified by a number of symptoms, including difficulty urinating, an irregular urine stream, and a painful or burning sensation in the area. 

What Steps You Need to Take in Response to It

If suddenly your urine stream splits in two like the Dead Sea, you shouldn' t let yourself get worked up over it. These conditions can either be treated medically or surgically, and the method chosen will depend on the underlying reason. 

The most alarming aspect of the obstruction is the fact that you are unable to completely empty your bladder. In the long run, bladder and kidney problems could occur. 

If your urine stream becomes divided but then returns to normal after a day or two, it is most likely just a temporary obstruction and there is no cause for concern regarding your health. If you still have a double stream of urine, a urologist may be able to assist you in modifying the flow.

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