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In December 2019, there was an outbreak of a virus in Wuhan, China and no one had expected it to result in an epidemic of this proportion. It would soon become a pandemic and Africa would get its share of the many troubles it brought with it. In no time, it was in this beloved country of ours, Ghana and we too felt what we had for some time, being witnessing on our television sets. Like most viruses, this one was extremely contagious and as such had infected quite a number of Ghanaians within a short period. The outcome of this virus amongst us was very grave, but specifically, I would very much want to discuss the impact it has had since its occurrence on our commerce. There was one thing very notable about this virus, wherever it went, it brought with its restrictions_ Ghanaians were restricted from travelling or moving out of certain zones just as we heard happened in Europe and this significantly altered the way most people went about doing certain things, especially transacting business. A study which was conducted recently points out to the fact that during the pandemic, there happened to be an increase in online transactions or E-commerce around the world. E-commerce is reported to have increased but on the other hand, customer spending also happened to significantly reduce. With respect to Ghana, one could say certain E-commerce sites happened to have experienced a boom in transactions as was the case all around the globe. The sudden craving for E-commerce happened to bring about the high demand for software engineers and associated professionals. For those who employed no form of technology at their workplaces, one could say it was little or no transaction for them, a rather sad turn of events. COVID-19 is said to have triggered the shift towards a more digital world, Africa tends to have experienced why in Europe there tends to be a high demand for skills which have got to do with software designing and technology. The pandemic situation has really taught us the need to build a relevant skill set which could be of use no matter what situation we happen to be in. You may be making a lot of money presently, but should the unforeseen arrive, how prepared would you be?

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