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Is Corona Virus Out Of The Country? - Citizens Ask

We are all aware of the problems that Coronavirus has cost this country. Talking about what this has cost us let's not forget about how a lot of people were forced to their early grave by this deadly virus.

Vaccines were introduced into the country for the people to be vaccinated but most of us the citizens said no to the cure because some said it was the mark of the beast whilst others said the vaccine was a mechanism to reduce the population of people around the world.

All of a sudden we haven't heard any information about coronavirus for some time now so the people in the country have taken things for granted and not putting on the nose mask as was instructed by the Ghana Health Ministry.

One thing we should all know is that even though we do not hear anything about the virus again but we must still protect ourselves during this time because there is a saying “ protection is better than cure”.

I went to our business fields and made some investigations on the number of people wearing the nose mask and this is what I found;


When you are to go to the markets in Ghana as I'm speaking, you will find that out of 1000 people at the market centres, only 25% of people are wearing the nose mask. Which is very bad and dangerous.


Talking of passengers in a car, most of the passengers as I'm speaking has failed and are not willing to put on their nose mask. Statistically, only 10% of passenger put on the nose mask out of 100%. When we are to put this at the back of our heads not to wear the nose mask because attention has been minimised.


Instructions were given to school authorities to strictly force students to put on their nose mask. At the early stages of the pandemic, the laws were being obeyed but nowadays because the attention on Coronavirus has been minimized, the students are no longer putting on the nose masks. This is very dangerous for the health of the children.

We all seek to curb the spread of this deadly virus and also to help eradicate the deadly problems it has brought upon this country and the world in totality. I will plead with all my readers to take this pandemic serious because it is still in existence. Thank you.

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