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5 Reasons You Should Not Only Cook With Olive Oil But You Should Also Drink It

When we talk about one of the healthiest oil, our conversation will not be complete without mentioning Olive oil. Also, Olive oil Is commonly used for cooking meals because it has numerous health benefits to the body. Drinking olive oil can be beneficial to the body. In this article, we will discuss why you should drink olive oil rather than only using it for cooking:

1. Slow down Aging.

The first reason is that olive oil slows down aging. This is because unsaturated olive oil contains polyphenols which is an antioxidant that helps in slowing down aging. Therefore, it is important to drink olive oil constantly for better health.

2. Helps in Weight Loss.

The second reason why you should drink olive oil is that it helps in weight loss. Though olive oil is an energy high calorie food, it is effective in reducing the risk of obesity. As such it is good to drink olive oil daily. However, it is food to drink in moderation.

3. Reduces Blood Cholesterol level.

Another very important reason you should drink olive oil is that they help in reducing bad cholesterol in the body. Studies that drinking olive oil consistently is associated with reducing the risk of heart-related diseases.

4. Better Metabolism.

Another reason you should drink olive oil more is that it promotes better metabolism. This means olive oil promotes good bone movement and better brain function in children. Also, it is important for older people because it contains vitamin E in them.

5. Better hair and skin health.

Last but not the least, the reason why you should drink olive oil is that it improves your hair and skin. Studies show that unsaturated olive oil contains a high amount of vitamin E. Therefore, this helps in protecting the skin and hair from various diseases. however, it is suggested that you should consume it in moderation.

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