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Use Pawpaw leaves to cure Malaria and these dangerous diseases & thank me later.

I am very certain everyone is familiar with pawpaw but not with it's uses. Pawpaw is that orange colored juicy fruit, which is not only fragrant and delicious but also very healthy. Pawpaw is a natural source of vitamins and minerals essential for the normal functioning of the body. I mostly consume pawpaw on daily basis especially on an empty stomach when due to certain circumstances I don't get food to eat, this shows how pawpaw is a life saving and a useful food.

For the benefit of this article I will focus on the benefits of the leaves and seeds of pawpaw.

 Do you know pawpaw leaves is a fast relieving medicine for malaria and the seeds serving as a dewormer? You are surprised, am sure you never knew. Pawpaw leaves have been used for decades in curing of malaria and other serious diseases.

Below is how to use the leaves to treat malaria:

1.) Get a reasonable amount of dried pawpaw leaves ( neatly washed).

2.) Boil the leaves 10-25 minutes in a reasonable amount of water or per your own choice.

3.) Once boiled, wait for it to cool down.

4.) Once cooled drink it daily after meals (morning and evening).

Pawpaw seeds is a fast relieving medicine for any related worm infestation in the body.

Below is how to use the seeds to treat worm infestations:

1.) Get ripe pawpaw, after consuming don't dispose off the seeds.

2.) Store the seeds neatly in a bowl and dry them on sun for some few days.

3.) Once completely dried get a handful or less and chew it with water. 

4.) Or you can grind it and add it porridge, tea etc and drink it.

Pawpaw leaves also have these amazing health benefits; treats symptoms related to dengue fever, promotes balanced blood sugar, supports digestive function, have anti-inflammatory effects, supports hair growth, promotes healthy skin and also have anticancer properties.

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