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The Baby born without a nose

Eli Thompson was born with a very rare condition called congenital arhinia.He did not have a nose,nasal passage or sinus cavity. This condition has only about 41 cases around the world. People called him a miracle baby due to his rare condition.Eli was born breathing through his mouth so it was kind of normal for him and doctors made him a tube to make breathing and feeding easier for himBeautiful baby Eli

Surgeons had a plan to make a 3D nose for Eli which would be changed occasionally.The surgeons suggested that Eli's nose would be changed occasionally as he grows but Eli's parents did not like that idea because they did not want their son to have scars in his face as they would be cutting him too much in the process. The surgeons then decided that they would wait for Eli to get old enough so that they could construct a nasal passage at once for Eli through surgery or at least give him a cosmetic or artificial nose.

Eli continued to live a normal life with his parents until Eli's father confirmed on social media that his son had died. He was 2 years old.

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Eli Eli Thompson


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