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CERES 100% APPLE JUICE: Don't Consume These Drinks' Batches, Return Them Immediately, FDA Warns

The FDA, the body in charge of the safety of food and drugs on our markets from time to time, conduct checks on both locally and foreign produced drugs, food and other consumables, to assess if they are good for consumption, or not.

If drugs or food, or other consumables are found to have or contained harmful substances, they are immediately withdrawn from the market and consumers, warned of the potential harm, should they consume it.

The latest FDA warning comes after information was received from the International Food Safety Network (INFOSAN) that certain bathes of the drink has been found to be not safe for consumption and thus, has to be recalled.

The letter which was titled "PRODUCT RECALL - CERES 100% APPLE JUICE" was to alert the public of the potential harm it could cause from consuming the drink, as it was found to contain higher levels of mycotoxin-patulin, in levels higher than the regulatory threshold or what is allows for consumption.

According to the World Health Organization, consuming products with high levels of mycotoxin-patulin can cause nausea, gastrointestinal issues, and vomiting.

The Authority has therefore urged all Ghanaians in possession of the particular bathes of the now toxic and harmful drink to return it to any of its offices or to the distributors of the drink.

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