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The healing power of Lemon

Scurvy. The lemon is chiefly valued for its vitamin C content. Its juice contains more vitamin than the whole fruit, being about 60mg per 100gram. The juice also contain apreciable quantity of vitamin B. This makes it antoscorbutic or an excellent food medicine for the prevention and treatment of scurvy. A mixture of one part of lemon juice, three parts of water and a,desirable quantity of sugar or honey should be taken in this condition.

Oral Diseases. Due to high content of vitamin C, lemon strengthens the gums and teeth. It is also very effective for preventing and curing acute inflammations of the gum margins, pyorrhea, dental caries and other oral diseases.

Throat Disorders. Lemon is highly beneficial in the treatment of throat disorders such as catarrh, choking sensation and itching sensitives. A ripe unpeeled lemon should be roasted slowly until it begins to crack open. Then one teaspoonful of the juice with little honey should be taken once every hour, or the same juice of the roasted lemon in a glass of boiled water should be taken flavoured with honey. It should be sipped slowly.

Fevers. Lemon juice makes an effective thirst-quenching drink in pox, measles, scarlet and other fevers which are attendant with extreme thirst and a very hot and dry skin. About 15 to 25 gm of lemon juice should be taken in these conditions.

Digestive Problems. A ripe lemon is a good appetizer. The lemon juice stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juice and is regarded as an excellent digestive agent. It destroys Intestinal worms and eliminates the gases formed in the digestive tract. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of several digestive problems like dyspepsia, constipation and biliousness. Heartburn is easily relieved by taking the juice of half a lemon in a little.

Burning Soles and Heels. Sliced lemon should be rubbed over the entire burning soles and heals of feet. A great deal of toxin elimination takes place through the pores of the feet. Lemon application promotes such elimination and keep the feet free from pain and distress.

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Lemon Throat Disorders


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