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3 herbs that improve and cure eye problems even at old age

In this world majority of people both young and old had vision problems. The worst illness a man or woman may have seems to be an eye problem; our eyes are our torch that help us see with.

What triggers an eye condition?

1. Bacterium

2. Light

3. Diabetic patients

4.Dust, and others

5. Other too are cause by piles. Etc.

Eyes drop are mostly used on a regular basis to prevent eye problems. If you use a laptop, like watching tele, using of desktop, or mobile phone, restrict your time in the heat. You should even ask the doctor for a prescription for sunglass or always lower the brightness of the screen. Put your screen glass on if you want to use it, and take it off when you're finished. Reduce the sugar consumption, such as from carbonated beverages and others.

Dont often scratch your eyes if anything trigger it , but rather was it with because when you keep scratches your eyes its reduce the eye cell activities.

The following are the signs and symptoms of a eye problems but please help share this after reading.

1.Irritation of the eyes

2. rashes on the skin

3.the watery eye

4.intense redness

5.Double vision, and other things

The below are herbal treatment for a vision disorder and also improve eye sight.

1.Take 2 scoops of sliced carrot combined with initial honey in the morning before eating. Or regularly consumption of fresh and organic carrot is a good habit for improving eye from damage.

2. Once a day, mix coconut water with the original palm wine and drink 1 glass cup before meal.

3. Get a used eye drop bottle and wash it thoroughly. Boil a cup of water then get 3 to 4 bitter kola. Cut and wash them and put them in the water wait for the next day, the solution will be prepare by itself, pout some of the water in the eye drop container. Use it 3 times a day.

Note that the water is just boil to kill any bacteria and also be inform that you can only use one method and dont use all at the same time. Again method 1 and 3 can be use for children above 7 years thanks. Please help like and share to save people from going for eye surgery and also help others to improve their eye sight thank you.

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