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Promise date is due: Mr. President, where are the 88 District hospitals?

In the interest of accountability and making sure our leaders, particularly the political class honour their promises, and do not take the masses for granted, we remind ourselves and demand from the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to show us, at least the progress of work on the 88 Districts hospitals he promised to build within one year, exactly a year ago.

Again, it is only fair to ask for him to redeem this particular promise since there are no better times for the need of Good health care in this Covid-19 era.

I trust the reader could recall that, in the heat of the pandemic, last year, in one of the several updates of the President on the measures against Covid-19 (update No.8) the President said the following;

“There are 88 districts in our country without district hospitals; We will, this year, begin constructing 88 hospitals in the districts without hospitals”.

That was exactly on the 26th March 2020. One year on, the President must as a matter of respect have something to say on this particular vow. This should not be one of the usual promise and fail without accountability moments.

We must all gather to demands this. This promise was met with lots of skepticism. Many though it was unrealistic and unachievable. But the government, through its communicators insisted this was redeemable.

We here, one year down the line, not even a brick has been laid for the commencement of these 88 hospitals. Ghana and Ghanaians deserve better.

We ask, Mr. President, where are the 88 District hospitals. 

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Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo


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