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New: 11 Concerned Ghanaian Doctors Petition Nana Akufo-Addo To Pause Covid-19 Vaccination. Details

Ghana to secure COVID-19 vaccines for population: president | CGTN Africa

News reaching Ghanaians this morning details how some 11 doctors have written a petition to the President of Ghana to pause covid-19 vaccination.

These doctors who have tagged themselves as Concerned Ghanaian Doctors, wrote their petition to the President on the 10th of January, 2022. According to them, the risk associated with covid-19 vaccination, per the data studied so far, outweighs the potential benefits. 

The Concerned Ghanaian Doctors used Israel and the UK as examples of countries with high vaccination rates but still battling with the virus. Vaccines induced immunity for the virus are supposed to be maintained with boosters every 3 to 6 months in a calendar year.

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“These countries have very high vaccination rates, currently deploying booster programmes, yet they are struggling to get the virus under control especially with these new variants,” the doctors observed in the jointly-signed petition.

The question now is will the President be able to provide perpetual boosters for each vaccinated Ghanaian every 3 to 6 months if he reaches his 20 million target? 

The Concerned Ghanaian Doctors asked where the endpoint is when the covid-19 vaccines do not stop infections or the spread of the coronavirus. These doctors also questioned if the cost of regular provision of boosters to vaccinated citizens would be financially feasible for us all as a nation.

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For them, covid-19 vaccines becoming compulsory is only a ploy by the companies who manufacture them to make profits. According to the Concerned Ghanaian Doctors, all relevant metrics show how Africa including Ghana, has done better than most of the world with respect to the pandemic even before the introduction of the vaccines.

The Concerned Ghanaian Doctors quizzed, "Considering all these, wouldn't it be prudent to pause and ask ourselves whether these novel vaccines are necessary in the first place?". For them, it is possible for the rest of the world to learn from us rather than learning from them.

Second Lady of Ghana receives COVID-19 vaccine. Photo Cred… | Flickr

Here Are The Names Of The 11 Concerned Ghanaian Doctors.

Dr Timothy Oblijah Armah.

Dr Bismark Opoku-Asare.

Dr Faisal Adjei.

Dr William Ghunney.

Dr Bernard Boateng Adjei.

Dr Doreen Oye Agyei.

Dr Michael Agyemang-Wiredu.

Dr Richard Fayah.

Dr Sedem Cyril Klinogoh.

Dr Phil Dowuona.

Dr Emmanuel Awuttey.

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