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Drink this every morning by grinding garlic, bitter cola, and lime to treat these diseases

Extraordinary day everyone prosperity is plenitude is only the strong that can acquire cash. Today I will show you some different option from what's normal which is the best approach to pound harsh kola, garlic and ginger to fix some particular clinical issues, essentially promise you read till the end. 


Get some harsh kola, garlic,and ginger segment of their back wash them Thoroughly and squash them into their powder structure, press lime into a cup, plate or any ideal compartment by then added the granulated Bitter kola, garlic and ginger blend them fittingly and drink twice step by step morning and night for multi week. 

Effect of the above blend 

1: It fixes Gonorrhea and Staphylococcus for men 

2: It help moxie in some body system. 

3: It fixes Diabetes. 

4: It hinder Glaucoma. 

5:It is an answer for cold and fever 

6: It help digestion. 

7: It makes the lungs sound.

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