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FOR MEN: This Is What Lack Of Sex Can Cause To You That You Don’t Know

Sex as a plain word sounds very immoral to the ear considering the African setting but little did they know it is of great importance than we see it to be. After providing sexual excitement, it is responsible for recreational purposes and other health benefits.

In this article, I will want to share a little stuff I found out about the impact of lack of regular sex on men with emphasis on the male organ.

With medical backing from legit medical expert sites, the practice of regular sex helps Frequent ejaculation lowers your prostate cancer risk, and other related genital diseases according to a study from the Boston University of Public Health.

Depriving your body sex can cause your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction to rise for regular erections and normal testosterone levels help your manhood stay healthy, abstaining for too long could hurt your libido and might even make it harder to perform when it is needed some other time according to a Finnish study from The American Journal of Medicine. This condition makes it impossible for the male organ to experience complete and long lasting erection making it unsuitable for sexual activities when the need arises.

Also, you stand a chance of contracting prostate cancer. With reference from a U.S study conducted between 1992 to 2010, 32,000 young men were examined throughout this years and those who could ejaculate for about 21 times in a month after further examination posed to have low chances of prostrate cancer whereas the other control group who had their ejaculation mechanism tempered showed a high risk, they concluded.

Again, your manhood can shrink or reduce in size. To remain elastic, the spongy tissue in your penis (carvanosum and spongiosus) must regularly receive a burst of blood flow, a process that occurs during erections. This energizes to carry out their normal cell divisions and other activities for enlargement naturally for which it does not happen when you desist from having intercourse for a long time. Your manhood in this condition can experience a reduction is size about two to three centimeters.

This has resulted in the formulation of a popular saying by these medical experts which says “Use It Or Lose It”.

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