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How do I become mentally strong

In order to truly become mentally strong you’ve got to become indifferent to your emotions.

You wake up in the morning, having told yourself the night before after watching a motivating video that you’re going to change your life and start to go for a run every morning.

You feel tired, it’s raining outside and you’d rather stay in bed. Your primitive emotions tell you to stay dry and preserve your energy.

Now it’s your task to ignore a system which has taken hundreds of thousands of years to develop.

It will be hard at the beginning. Fortunately enough, practicing mental toughness is similar to training a muscle. You’ll get better at supressing that voice with practice and persistence.

Once you get better, you’ll be able to build trust in yourself. Knowing that you can turn that voice off anytime you want, you’ll be able to achieve nearly anything.

PS: That guy in the image is Jocko Willink. A retired Navy SEAL who taught me that discipline results into freedom which fits into the puzzle towards life success.

Edit: Thank you for the thumbs up! If you’re interested in a more elaborate post on this answer, check out my Quora blogpost on Mental Toughness

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