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Important: How To Treat High Blood Sugar Using Garlic And Onion

Important: How To Treat High Blood Sugar Using Garlic And Onion

Do you have high blood sugar? Is your eating habit a healthy one? Is your weight average or above average?

Are you aware that if you are overweight, and you adapt unhealthy eating habits you could be at risk of getting diabetes?

Diabetes is a deadly disease that affects close to four hundred million people in the world.

It is one disease that affects almost more than 5 percent of the population.

Type 2 Diabetes

This type is the most common kind of the disease. Type 2 diabetes is linked to gaining weight and having unhealthy eating habits. Fortunately, type 2 diabetes is not a silent threat.


Some common symptoms of diabetes include extreme thirst, extreme hunger, tiredness. Also, wounds may take a little longer to heal, there could be blurry vision and low Immunity.

Diabetes is an ailment that emanates from a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with unhealthy eating habits and inability to exercise frequently.

People who are depressed and spend large amounts of time in bed are also likely to suffer from this diabetes.

The most appropriate way to protect yourself against diabetes is to practice healthy eating habits, and eat less sugar and carbohydrates.

Some natural recipes that can help improve your condition are provided below:

Onion and Lemon Broth

Squeeze the juice of a grated onion through a thin piece of cloth.

Mix the juice from the grated onion with the juice of one lemon and drink this twice daily.

Afterwards, check your blood sugar level and cholesterol levels frequently to see how your condition is going.

Raw Garlic and in Pills

Garlic has a variety of benefits. It is used to treat, fight, and prevent a lot of sicknesses.

Studies have indicated that garlic can increase the production of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that transforms glucose into energy and controls type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, taking in large quantities of raw garlic reduces blood sugar levels.

How To Use Garlic

To have a proper benefit from garlic, you need to regularly consume raw garlic.

It should be noted that garlic, loses a lot of its beneficial properties after it has been warmed up.

If you're not okay with the taste of garlic, you can take garlic pills or garlic oil.

You should consume five hundred to a thousand milligrams of garlic daily, which adds up to one or two fresh, raw cloves of garlic.

One other option would be drinking “garlic water”.

First, pour two hundred milliliters of water into a cup, and add one minced clove of garlic. 

Let the garlic sit for some time, so that its properties can be absorbed into the water. Afterwards, drink it throughout the day. You can throw the garlic away at the end of the day.


You should bear in mind that consuming too much garlic may cause some digestive problems.

The aforementioned recipes are not suitable for individuals who are allergic to garlic, pregnant or lactating women, and children who are below 4 years.



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