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Their patients will surely recover from their ailments when these nurses take care of them

Nurses play a crucial role the health sector. They are the primary care givers for patients at hospitals. Some nurses are highly equipped with skills which they use at their work. It can undoubtedly be said, that anything that contributes to the quick recovery of ill patients is plus. These nurses in this article are endowed with some magnificent curves which can definitely get patients fascinated and boost up their recovery rate.

Nurse Becky, Nursedel_anita and Queen lee are not only nurses, they are entrepreneurs and models who are very famous on social media. Let us now take a look at each of their careers.

Queen Lee

Ada Lee, also known as Queen Lee is an American nurse, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, fashion model and a social media influencer. She was born on June 21, 1986 at Lake Charles, Louisiana in the United States but she was raised in Mississippi. Queen lee has a degree in nursing and she works as a professional nurse in Houston Texas. In her nursing career, she has worked with top brands like Femme luxe, Shein official and many others. She has several other Instagram pages like ''A pearl of knowledge'', where she gives health tips to women. She is the founder and CEO of ''Legends and Kings'', a company that manufactures and distributes beard boosting products for men. Queen Lee is indeed a spectacular and accomplished woman.


J. Larare, also known as Nursejbecky on Instagram is a famous nurse and fashion model who is endowed with superb curves. She has over 137k followers on Instagram who she constantly keeps updated with alluring photos of herself. She has worked with a few brands, including Shein official and fashionnova. Take a look at this gorgeous image of her;


Nursedel is a curvy nurse, fashion model, video vixen and entrepreneur. She owns and runs two other pages; curvesby_nursedel and nurse_delprettywear, where she sells plastic slippers and bags. She has more than 43.5k followers on Instagram who love her sense of fashion

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Ada Lee American Becky Queen Lee


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