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How To Eat For A Painless And Great Menstural Cycle

When you think of dealing with your menstrual cycle, you actually think of many different ways to take care of it, but you might not think food has anything to do with managing your cycle, but it turns out eating has a lot to do with your menstrual health. Eating with your cycle in mind can help balance your hormones, ease cramp pain, regulate your cycle and more. The following are foods that would help support your hormones and more.

Eat magnesium rich foods to help fight fatigue and pain During the last seven to ten days of your cycle, that is before your period, get a magnesium rich food, it would help fight fatigue and also squash pain associated with crumps. Magnesium is naturally found in foods like spinach and dark chocolate.

Eat fiber rich foods Its time to eat fiber rich foods when you feel bloated. Fiber equals to gut health which is also equal to bowel regularity, which means no bloating. Fiber includes dark leafy vegetables.

Tip; If you don't drink enough water to flush out all those fiber rich foods through, you may experience even more bloating and crumps.

Up your vitamin D, calcium, B6 to boost mood. Vitamin D plays a critical role in reproductive health and regulation. Research has shown that women who eat a diet high in vitamin D reduce their risk of PMS by forty percent, and studies suggests that consuming daily dose of vitamin D and calcium supplements may help limit mood swings, decrease anxiety and stress. Foods like cheese, eggs and fish are perfect combination of vitamin D.

Lots of research has found that vitamin B6 can manage PMS symptoms. Foods like banana, brown rice and eggs would do.

Make sure you are getting enough zink for hormonal support This nutrient plays a viral role in regulating the menstrual cycle and making sure all hormones are working properly. In fact, zonk helps to power up fiber and hormones that are essential in regulating the menstrual cycle, plus a lack of zink can distract normal ovulation and can prevent the release of an egg. So eat more shelfish and legumes to get more sink.

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