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Do you want to reduce Your stress level? Eat these foods

1)     Salmon: It contains nutrients that promotes brain health, including vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acid. And other nutrients that help regulate neurotransmitters.

2)     Dark chocolate: Adding dark chocolate to your diet regularly may also help for easing anxiety. Dark chocolate contains nutrients or antioxidant that may benefit the brain functions.

3)     Yogurt: The probiotic or healthy bacteria, found in some type of yogurt can improve mental help and brain function.

4)     Green tea: Green tea contains amino acid and other nutrients that have positive effect on brain health and anxiety reduction.

5)     Avocado: Avocado contains vitamin B6 and magnesium that help serotonin production in your brain, that help increase your alertness and reduce anxiety, ect. Below are the foods that has been scientifically approved to help reduce your anxiety and stress level. There are other foods which are not listed here but can also do the same purpose. Especially students and market women should try these foods listed below.

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Avocado B6 D


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