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Press release: The rising number of coronavirus cases does not support relaxing restrictions

The African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis, following from its analysis on the corona virus pandemic in Ghana and the government’s measures to curbing it presented on the 5th of May, 2020, the misinformation on data by the Ministry of Health and the rising number of cases in the country, the concerns from professional bodies and individuals directly involve in the fight against the pandemic reiterates the following and urges the government of Ghana for the interest of our collective safety to:

1. Immediately put in place a National Strategy in tackling the pandemic in Ghana. It is not too late as the pandemic keeping raging on in Ghana. A National Strategy is needed urgently to help the country refocus and prioritize the fight of this pandemic.

2. To intensify Education and sensitization of the masses in all parts of the country in their respective native languages. The National Commission for Civic Education, the Information Services Department which is in every region must be resourced and supported immediately to disseminate the needed information to help the fight the pandemic.

3. Resource and equip all hospitals and health facilities with the needed tools to help the fight.

4. To heed to calls and advice not to lift the ban on social gathering by professional bodies like the GHANA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION etc. as that will worsen the plight of the country. The decision to lift or not should be made based on medical and scientific advice. The trends as we have it in our country now are on all facets against any lifting of the restrictions.

5. Eschew extreme partisanship and politicking, the misinformation with the data and information of affected persons in the country. Clarity, transparency and the timely updates of information is essential in the fight against the pandemic at this crucial time. The inconsistencies of the data and analysis churned out by the managers of the pandemic are worrying and damaging to their credibility.

 6. Prioritize the fight against the pandemic by opening up many testing centres across the country. This will help expand the testing capacity we currently have and also help reduce the time for getting the results from the current delays so that positive persons can be quickly isolated and managed for the safety of Ghanaians.

It is worthy of note that any attempt to lifting the remaining restrictions will lead to escalation of the number of positive cases, increasing the number of patients who will require critical care which may overwhelm our health system leading to lost lives. We refer our government to take look at what happened in countries that have relaxed their measures and the subsequent impact of the pandemic. E.g Germany is struggling with a surge.

The Centre urges all citizens to take their health serious by observing strictly the preventive protocols in addition to all efforts and measures put in place by authorities in managing this pandemic. The virus is real and we must together fight for our collective safety.


Thomas W Anabah 


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