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5 Things That Can Harm Your Kidney When Consumed regularly

According to Healthline, five things that can damage your kidneys if taken regularly are listed below.

1. The kidneys excrete urea and creatinine in the urine, metabolites of protein absorption. Red meat is very rich in protein. Eating too much red meat can put too much stress on your kidneys, which can lead to kidney failure. Uric acid, which forms when uric acid levels rise, can lead to kidney stones, which can lead to kidney damage.

2. Excessive use of salt, even if necessary to make food tastier, is a health hazard and should be avoided. Kidney damage can occur due to high blood pressure caused by excessive salt consumption. High blood pressure can also damage the heart. Remove the salt container from your table to limit salt consumption. It's best to avoid salty foods such as pickles and canned foods.

3. Toxic foods high in phosphate have now been shown to have a negative impact on kidney function. Phosphorus has a direct effect on arterial blood. Processed foods like deli and drinks like cola are known to contain large amounts of phosphorus in the blood.

4. You may be tempted to take a pill every day because of a persistent headache, but an overdose can damage your kidneys. They can relieve your symptoms, but they also carry the risk of causing kidney cancer.

5. If it seems like you can't live without alcohol or beer, your kidneys may suffer from it. Consuming more than four alcoholic drinks per day was associated with a two-fold higher risk of chronic kidney disease.

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