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Tuberculosis of the spine - very disturbing and life threatening condition. All you need to know

The commonest and most debilitating type of chronic bone infection is as a result of tuberculosis. Though this condition is these but has reduced due to early diagnosis and treatment. Tuberculosis is caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis which is a tubercle bacillus. The bacteria can affect any bone or joint in the body. However, the spine is the most commonly involved site, constituting 50% of reported skeletal cases.

There is invasion of the bacteria in the vertebral body, inflammation occurs resulting in areas of decrease in blood flow and cell deaths. The bone softens and collapses, causing deformities of the spine. Displacement of the intervertebral disc causes spinal cord compression, pain and paralysis. Abscesses are form and migrate to either side of the spine.

Signs and Symptoms

1. Loss of appetite

2. Weight loss

3. Fatigue

4. General body pains

5. Night sweats

6. Rise and fall of temperature especially at night

7. Stiffness of the spine with pain

8. Deformity of the spine (hunchback)

9. Frequent movement of vertebral muscle


Doctor will prescribe anti-tuberculosis treatment to reduce the bacteria from they system. It takes longer time to treat tuberculosis. In some cases too, orthopaedic surgery is indicated for progressive for progressive bone destruction or increase in abscess size. Pain medications are also prescribed to alleviate pain and cause relief. Early treatment is always key in management of every case.

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