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6 Bad Habits That Makes You Age Faster

When you are older, how you look and feel will depend on how you live your life when you are younger. Your lifestyle and what you eat will affect how you age for a long time. To a large degree, it will decide how you will age by making good decisions on what you do and take very early in life.

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You get to see people that look the same as 5 years ago, but the fact is that you have to be prepared to get rid of unhealthy habits that endanger your physical well-being to look the same way. Certain lifestyle decisions can make you look older than you are and feel older.

Here are 6 bad habits that make you age faster:

1.    Smoking

You may experience a sense of relaxation when you take a puff of a cigarette, but that repetitive action has the opposite effect on your blood vessels. Your blood vessels suddenly become smaller and spasm with every puff. This lowers the blood supply and oxygen level, in a way that gives the skin the inability to breathe. When your skin can't breathe, what happens? Premature aging, you guessed it. It's not just wrinkles that can also form. By being dry, dull and yellow, the skin will also age.

You're also depriving the skin of nutrients.

Thousands of chemicals are neatly rolled up into a cigarette here. Collagen and elastin breakdown is triggered when you combine these chemicals with the absence of circulation and oxygen. Collagen and elastin are what give strength and elasticity to your skin. The outcome: sagging skin, dull appearance and uneven tone of the skin.

2.    Not getting enough sleep

A lack of quality sleep also weakened the skin’s ability to repair itself at night, seeing that cell renewal occurs during phases of deep sleep. These stressors, along with your skin’s inability to recover from them as well as it could, can all cause you to look older than you really are. As it turns out, getting behind on your sleep can catch up with you in more ways than one.

3.    Eating junk food and skipping fruits and vegetables

You will require fewer calories as you get older, so you need to maintain a balance in what you eat. You need to get your calories from good sources that are nutritious. Try and minimize junk foods because they have a high fat content and can cause health problems. Junk food can also increase the likelihood of cancer and other illnesses. As it will help you maintain a healthy skin, fruits and vegetables are the best for your health.

4.    Sitting for long and not exercising

For healthy aging, regular physical activity is essential. Not only for weight loss and staying fit, exercise is essential, but also to relieve stress that makes you age faster. Exercise can keep you healthy and avoid a lot of illnesses. Research has shown that the risk of heart attack can be increased by sitting for too long. Sedentary lifestyles decrease the circulation of blood and even increase the risk of kidney disease. Regularly exercise so that you can age healthily.

5.    Excess intake of alcohol

Moderate alcohol consumption is safe for the heart, but excess alcohol is not good for the body. As it leads to cognitive impairment and can lead to falls, excess alcohol consumption can make you age faster. Some drugs can also mess with it. If you want to age healthily, limit your consumption of it.

6.    Holding on to grudges

Life is fleeting and too short for old grudges to hang on to. This is psychological and it may make you age faster by holding on to grudges. It can add years to your life to live a life of forgiveness and happiness. A joy-filled life of forgiveness and pleasure leads to enhanced physical and psychological well-being. Your blood pressure, depression and level of stress may also be reduced.

Please adhere to the tips of this article if you want to age normally.

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