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Benefits of our own local onion

Onion is the one of the potent natural antibodies. Is strengthen the immune system.thus helping to award of common infection.For over 15 years I have been recommending onion for many sick people and the results have been positive.chew a small bulb of a raw onion every night simple as that.

This hypoglycaemic or antidiabetic property of onion is due to the presences of glycoquine.

those who are afraid of developing diabetes because their parents have diabetes should make friend with onion,as it is excellent prevention against diabetes.

1.onion purifies and strengthen the liver and the kidney and as well as cleanse the blood.

Onion strengthens the blood cells that protect the body against micro organisms. If these cells are weak , the body becomes prone to viral infections.onion also destroys cancer especially if the body.

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