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Covid 19 And Ghanaian Businesses

Covid 19 is an air borne disease. It is caused by a virus called CORONA VIRUS. It was first identified on 31st December 2019. And it was caused by Chinese authorities on 7th January 2020 and was temporarily name "2019-ncov" . Covid 19 can spread easily by contacting with an infected person. A can be infected when aerosols or droplets containing the virus are inhaled or directly into contact with the eyes, nose and mouth.

Covid 19 have cause many distractions in the world. In United States they recorded 33.8m and 606k died.

India also recorded 30.7m and recorded 29.m, death 529k.

And Ghana also recorded 96,708 cases and 797 death. The world has become deficult because of covid 19.

Scientist and doctors are finding a way to cure this disease. They have bring vaccines and some safety precautions. Some of the safety precautions are WE SHOULD WEAR OUR NOSE MASk, KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE, WASH OUR HANDS REGULARLY and many more.

The covid 19 has cause on our businesses in Ghana. I will talk about three impact of covid 19 on our businesses.


IT HAS REDUCE WAGES, covid 19 has force many businesses to reduce staff hours, reduce workers payment and also causing dismissal of workers in the business. Due to covid 19 some business like industries have reduced their working hours which may also lead to lack of production. It has also reduce wages and salaries of workers or employees. Due to lack of production the will not have much money to pay the workers so they dismiss some of the workers. And some industries in Ghana were closed down and also lead to lack of producing goods and services.


CLOSE OF BORDERS, Because of covid 19 some countries closed their borders eg Ghana which lead to no importing and exporting. As u know Ghana is a high importing and exporting country. So when the pandemic came Ghana was not importing and exporting goods again. It brought hunger in Ghana. Cocoa industries were shout down, this lead to lost of money provide by the cocoa industries as you we use cocoa for many for providing Milo, chocolate and many things. In 2019 Ghana exported over 0.197% which made Ghana earn $16.7 billion to support the country. Due to this pandemic there was no transaction between countries.


AGRICULTURE BUSINESS COLLAPSE, Due to the pandemic as I said in above there were no transaction between countries so the country was not buying fruit like bananas, Orange , pineapple. Ghana also provide High range of this fruits. Some farmers were even complaining about their crops being spoiled because of this pandemic called COVID 19. It has cause many distractions to Ghanaian business.

In conclusion it has some business COLLAPSE and has cause some distractions to the world.

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