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Meet The Woman Who Gave Birth To Extremely Rare Identical Triplets (Photos)

One is company, two is a crowd, and three is a gigantic party - Kristen and Tom Hewitt know this firsthand after giving birth to extremely rare identical triplets in Baltimore two years ago.

Kristen Hewitt said that when the couple performed their first ultrasound at the gynecologist, the technician was strangely calm. To break the silence, her husband ironically asked her "if there was more than one baby in there." The scholar laughed and broke the news that the couple had not one, not two, but three buns in the oven .

The probability of identical triplets, where a fertilized egg divides into three, is very low. Doctors said the odds that babies like Thomas III "Tripp," Finnegan "Finn," and Oliver "Ollie" will be conceived without the use of fertility treatments could be as high as one in two million .

"The chances of twins are much higher (90 percent) than identical ones (10 percent), but it is an even more significant relationship for triplets," said Victor A. Khouzami, who delivered the triplets and is medical director. Women's and Children's Services at Baltimore Medical Center.

The three boys were born in "perfect condition" and are at home with their parents and 11-year-old dog Jersey. The couple came with a color-coding system on their ankles and bracelets to differentiate the boys now that they are out of the hospital.

What a mess when they grow to be able to differentiate them!

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