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Local Healer: Blend Plantain Stems, Squeeze In 2 Limes, Add Salt, To Cure This Diseases

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Plantain trees are grown in many Ghanaian society for the purpose of it's food.

But do you know that aside the fruit , we can also benefit from the plantain tree?

Plantain stems and flowers are very beneficial in the field of medicine but due to ignorance many Ghanaian homes get rid of these ingredients after cultivating the fruit.

Today in these article I will be teaching you:

1. How to prepare medicine using plantain stems.

2.Some disease or disorders that you can cure using plantain stems .

So please do well to follow this article to the very end.

Let's take them one after the other.

1.How to prepare local herbal medicine using plantain stems.

Plantain stems are just the middle part of the entire plantain tree. This stem are very powerful and contains healthy compounds and antioxidant that helps in curing be some disease.

Pictures of plantain stem

We use the innermost middle part of the stem to prepare this particular remedy because it contains active and fresh cell than the outermost part.

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How to prepare the herbal medicine.

1.Cut your plantain stems into smaller blendable pieces.

2. Add water and blend .

3.Dilute the blended Plantains with water to make less thick.

4.squeeze 2 Limes in the mixture.

5.Add 1teaspoon of salt.

Health Benefits.

1. Helps in treating kidney stones. Plantain stem juice contains iron , potassium , calcium and other useful substance that help in reducing , dissolving and curing kidney stone made of uric acid and calcium deposited in kidney , and stone in gall bladder .

2.Having plantain stem juice in morning on an empty stomach is very very beneficial for breaking mucous or phlegm in lungs in case of bronchial asthma , I have tried that , for reducing cholesterol , weight loss by reducing extra fats , hence in many ways it is helpful .

3.Plantains stem juice can be used in treating a urinary tract infection and prevent irritation of urine.

4.They are also used in treating hypertension.plaintain stem juice also helps a lot in treating and regulating blood pressure. For these do not add salt to the remedy whiles you are preparing.


The smoothie can be taken 2 or 3 times daily for about 1 or 2 weeks .

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