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Tuesday lucky fixed games

Mental Health Tuesday , Mindfulness Monday, Motivational Tuesday ... there are many sayings and quotes meant to help us get motivated for the week to come.

Tuesday's offer a fresh start to get things going, reset, and focus on goals, or tasks.

Last week is done and if you are like me you have a few tasks lingering that need to be done. This makes me feel overwhelmed and I often struggle to get anything accomplished when I feel this way, but today, I’m going to focus on 1 task at a time and use my focus keeper app to help me with this. If you haven’t used time blocks in your schedule this is a great way to help focus your attention and mark things off your to do list.

Long story short.. I hope you reset and refocus this Monday morning if you need to like I do. If not, I hope you continue to accomplish your goals, grow, and thrive this week.

Let’s start our week with a positive mindset and Thank God for the great week ahead!! 💞

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