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It is believed that 'Gari' played a major role in our SHS level. See four health benefits of Gari

Have you ever been so hungry and you wish you to eat any food at all especially Gari. Some people see Gari as the last important meal they will ever eat. Gari helped and is helping most Senior High School students from being hungry. Well, the gari you have been eating has had impact on your body. In today's article, let us find four key health benefits of eating which you might not know.

1. Gari prevents cancer

There is a content in Gari which is also in cassava known as B17. This content stimulate the blood cells and prevent cancer. If your body is accumulating this deadly disease, gari will surely defeat or make it hard for this illness to take over your body. This is hard to believe but is very true and interesting.

2. It reduces weight

If you are fan of reducing your weight, then gari is one of your best options. Gari has high fibre content and low in calories. This means it can stay in your stomach for a long time without making you feel hungry. This prevents you from eating more food. No wonder the SHS students loved Gari.

3. Reduces chance of constipation. This means gari digests very fast in the body. No need to waste time in your body. 

4. Improves the health of the eye.

Some people say eating a lot of starchy foods prevents one from seeing well. Well this is try but not gari.

Garri also contains the compound known as bakarotennya, this compound helps to prevent blindness. The presence of an important vitamin known as 'Vitamin A' in garri helps in the prevention of poor sight as well, as far as it is consumed in moderation.

These are four key benefits you are likely to derive from gari when you eat or consume them.

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