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Too Much Of Alcohol Is Bad, See 4 Vital Organs It Can Damage In The Body When Excessively Taken In

The Liver (also known as the hepatosplenic).

The liver is responsible for the breakdown of fats and the production of healthy proteins. It also serves as the body's filter and is responsible for the production of the energy required for survival. When alcohol is introduced into a person's diet, the liver is required to degrade it.

When alcohol is consumed, however, it puts pressure on the liver, resulting in the hardness of the liver in some cases (cirrhosis). Fibrosis and alcoholic hepatitis are two more disorders connected with alcohol consumption, however, these are not the only ones.

The human heart.

Increased heart rate and blood vessel expansion occur as a result of drinking alcohol, increasing blood flow to the skin (which causes you to feel warm), but this heat is expelled through the skin, causing the body temperature to decline once it has increased.


A high intake of alcohol causes the pancreas to create harmful compounds that might eventually result in pancreatitis, which is a potentially fatal inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels in the pancreas that impairs appropriate digestion.

The human brain.

The alcohol rushes into your brain thirty seconds after you take your first sip. It has the effect of slowing down the substances and pathways that your brain cells utilize to communicate with one another. This hurts your mood, delays your reflexes, and causes you to lose your equilibrium.

You're also unable to think clearly, which means you may forget things later on since you're having difficulty storing information in long-term memory.

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