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Activities That Affect Our Health Negatively

As humans, we are able to prioritize our needs and what is important to us. Some of which are classified as urgent and temporary. Though you could say that an individual's most pressing need is shelter, clothing, food and health. Acquiring these basic needs, will serve as a means to further gain security, luxury and self esteem.

Although being able to attain one's basic needs but without health, is sure to affect the individual drastically. That is why, in other to be able to go further in life and achieve great things, one must take note of these activities which endanger a person's health, and which will in turn help the individual to stop these acts to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Eating late at night.

Being dehydrated, that is not taking in enough water.

Overworking the body and mind.

Not having enough rest.

Always using one's mobile phones.

Taking pills without prescription.

Excessive intake of alcoholic drinks.


Eating too much of carbohydrate and fatty foods.

Starving oneself and lot's more.

There are countless more activities that affect our health negatively. But with this little knowledge, we should be able to stop some of these acts and also practice some.

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