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Facts on COVID-19 that will save you in this times

Covid-19 is a viral infection whose origin was the bat. The disease from the virus is named corona virus disease 19 (COVID-19).

This condition was first reported in Wuhan china in December 2019. It is spread through droplets released through talking, coughing and sneezing from the infected people. These droplets only travel upto a distance of one meter and cause infection if they get into the eyes, nose and mouth (throat). Incubation period (that is, time from which you come into contact with virus and when signs are clear on you) happens between 2-14 days (average of 5-7 days).

How can I know if I am infected? This is a common question asked by many in relation to this condition and the two main symptoms of COVID-19 to know this are:

(1) Fever

(2) Cough

Other symptoms may include Sneezing, Sore throat, Runny nose, Generalized body weakness, and Shortness of breath may be observed in those who are seriously sick. Another important way to confirm if you have COVID-19 and not flu or common cold is through PCR TEST, done only to suspected cases. This test is only available through the Ministry of Health and selected health facilities.

The disease is treated symptomatically (by symptoms of affected people). Currently, vaccines are manufactured to breakdown transmission. It is vital to seek medical advice as early as possible while Research is ongoing with a lot of new evidence emerging regularly.

We can therefore take the following precautions to protect ourselves as we continue to confront this global pandemic:

(1) When coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue.

(2) Throw tissue into closed bin immediately after use.

(3) Clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water after coughing or sneezing and when caring for the sick.

(4) If you fall within the category of those vaccinating, take advantage and vaccinate to help breakdown the spread. And don't forget to continue adhering to COVID-19 protocols as well.

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