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Men Too Can Get Breast Cancer - This How It Happens

Whenever we talk about breast cancer, we mostly tend to think of it as a condition that affects only women. Breast cancer awareness day usually evolves around only women. It is right because this disease affects women a lot. In fact, most breast cancer cases occur among women. 

However, unknown to many people, breast cancer can also occur among men. Although very rare, this condition exists which makes men susceptible to breast cancer. In simple terms, men can also develop breast cancer.

Every human being on earth was born with a considerable amount of breast tissue. The tissues consist of lobules or glands which are purposely meant to produce breast milk. Also, it contains channels that transport breast milk to the nipples. 

This explains why people, during childhood stages have the same type of breast. In early adolescence, there is a significant and notable multiplication of breast tissues. This is what causes the enlargement of breasts among women.

During the development of the secondary characteristics, females experience a surge in oestrogen level and a decline in androgen level. Oestrogen is responsible for the development of the breast. So, women tend to have enlarged breasts.

However, this does not happen among men because there is a decline in oestrogen levels and a surge in testosterone levels. This causes men to have flat chests as compared to women.

The reason women tend to be more susceptible to breast cancer is the fact that the development of the breast tissues is highly prolific. Breast cancer occurs when there is an abnormal division of breast cells than normal ones. 

Men develop breast cancer when there is an abnormal division of breast glands in the male breast. Since the division is not prolific, breast cancer is not common among men. The abnormally divided cells come together to form a lump. 

After the formation of the lump, it will discharge pus, and the skin around the lump will become darkened or may change in colour. The nipple will also change by either moving inward or bulking up.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer, whether in males or females, is one of the best ways to fight it. Go to the hospital immediately and talk to a doctor. Breast cancer is not the end of your life, you will surely overcome it if you adhere to the doctor’s advice. 

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