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Polythene wrapped banku: A more deadly substitute for cigarettes

Banku Cigarrete 

Polythene wrapped banku 

Full Text: 

A report shared by a Facebook client asserts that eating banku, nearby matured corn and cassava based food enclosed by polythene, is identical to smoking 135 sticks of cigarettes. 

Starting examinations uncover that this case has been seen getting out and about on the web. With this re-dissemination, the conversation has gotten again with more than 300 remarks and 148 offers up until now. 

Dubawa investigates the perils of wrapping banku in elastic to see whether in fact it adds up to smoking 135 cigarette sticks. 


Further pursuit by Dubawa uncovered that the case got out and about certain years prior and has been uncovered once more. In 2017, distributed an article that expressed that wrapping banku with polythene rises to smoking stogies. In their report, they refered to one Dominic Gyamfi, a specialist at the University of Ghana Medical School for offering the expression. The distinction anyway is that Dominic is affirmed to have gone on about 136 sticks of cigarettes instead of the 135 referenced in the new post. 

Endeavors to arrive at the implied wellspring of the first case, Dominic Gyamfi, have been ineffective. His information will be recorded and the report refreshed when there is achievement around there. 

Nonetheless, Dubawa addressed Dr. Bismark Dwobeng, a Radiation Oncologist at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to see whether he had gone over the case or any examination around there. He said he had not known about the case nor go over any exploration that proposes the connection to eating banku enveloped by plastic and smoking 135 sticks of cigarettes. 

The likeness among cigarettes and plastic sacks. 

We found that Cigarette butts or channels are made with plastic! 

The channels at the base of a cigarette are made with plastic and are once in a while produced using "reused basic plastic terephthalate(PET) from bubbly beverages bottles into films for filtration, including cigarette channel tips." 

Studies have discovered that cigarette butts are harmful even in the wake of being quenched. Butt discharges as they are called contain cancer-causing agents, nicotine, and poisons found in all tobacco items. An article by additionally recommends that a solitary cigarette butt that is absorbed a liter of water for 96 hours filters out enough poisons to kill half of the new or saltwater fish presented to them. 

Existing Evidence on the threats of plastic food bundling 

Broadly distributed writing on the risks of utilizing plastics in food bundling exists. 

An article by which includes a meeting with Dr. Russ Hauser, Chairperson of the Department of Environmental Health, and Frederick Lee Hisaw, Professor of Reproductive Physiology at Harvard University Public Health office, Havard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reveals insight into some various sorts of plastics, in view of their structure: 



Polyethylene terephthalate 


Every one of these kinds of plastic contain an assortment of synthetic compounds that have various properties like colorants, cell reinforcements and plasticizers. The chance of damage being caused to people who are presented to the numerous synthetic substances inside these plastics is high, particularly over an all-encompassing time of contact but in "low-portion compound openings." 

Key among the compound segments that are respected exceptionally hurtful to people, as per Dr. Hauser, are phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA), the two of which are endocrine disruptors. These substances meddle with the activities of human chemicals. 

Phthalates are utilized to make plastics more adaptable and can be found in plastic wraps and food bundling inside which the plastics packs utilized in wrapping banku can be found. Different examinations additionally recommend diminished richness, neurodevelopmental issues, and asthma in people in light of connections to the presence of phthalates. 

Cigarette butts/channels then again are made of a kind of plastics called, cellulose acetic acid derivation which establishes 95% of the butt. The leftover 5% is comprised of papers and rayon. The cellulose acetic acid derivation tow filaments are more slender than sewing string, white, and stuffed firmly together to make a channel that can look like cotton. 

In April 2019, a Graphic report gave master sees on the threats of bundling food in plastic, 

Mr. Kofi Essel, the Head of the Food Inspectorate Division of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), expressed in the report that eating from polythene routinely can cause malignant growth in the stomach since particles from the plastic can get into the food. 

"The vast majority are thoughtless or uninformed of the wellbeing ramifications of this demonstration. Synthetic substances from polythene regularly drain into food sources, particularly synthetic substances can without much of a stretch break up into cooked slick food varieties, and this can have genuine wellbeing suggestions on shoppers", Mr Essel is cited to have said. 

This was additionally certified by the Chairperson of the Media and Apologetics Committee of the Ghana Dietetics Association and a speaker at the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS), Nana Kofi Owusu, and a lab Technician from MEDILAB, Ms Gloria Tamaklo. 

It is safe to say that one is bundle of plastic-wrapped banku equivalent to the recommended 135 sticks of cigarette smoked or does the amount of plastic-wrapped banku balls devoured influence the connection to cigarette sticks smoked? 

Does the poisonousness substance of one plastic pack or cling wrap compare the harmfulness substance of 135 cigarette butts? 

Up until this point, we have not gone over any examination that ascertains the poisonousness substance of the two subjects being referred to give exact proof. The case can along these lines not be promptly demonstrated. 


In spite of the fact that it has been set up that putting consumables into plastics can be unsafe to the body, it stays muddled whether eating banku enveloped by plastic compares to smoking 135 or 136 sticks of cigarettes. 

Content created and supplied by: BerniceNlakor (via Opera News )

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