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Meet The Woman Who Lived in Water For The Last 20 Years(Fiction)

For the past two decades, a 65-year-old woman from a village in India's West Bengal has reportedly spent every day submerged in the waters of a nearby lake up to her neck due to a mysterious illness.

That 65-year-old woman reportedly remains in West Bengal, India, in an unspecified village. She gets up before sunrise every morning and steps into a small creek where she stays drowned until the sun sets, up to her neck. As of 1998, when she began suffering from a mysterious illness that left her body swollen and sore, she has been doing this religiously. Water was the only thing that seemed to ease the woman's discomfort, so she cost advantage in serving her days in a lake near her village, and now she's been doing it for more than two decades.

While she and her family live in a very rural region of West Bengal and are too poor to go to a hospital for treatment, Pataruni Gosh reportedly spends between 12 and 14 hours every day on the lake. She rises from the water at sunset and goes back home, where she does some job she can before she sleeps.

Although her illness and lack of physical activity have impaired her appetite, the' Indian mermaid' reportedly eats only a bit of rice and some vegetables during the day. She generally brings her meals to the lake with her relatives, and she feeds in the water to shield her skin from the sun.

Pataruni can't bear being alone, so her family members and other villagers come to see her regularly and keep her company safe. While her relatives have raised worries about her well-being, they don't know how else to support her.

This same primitive people of the village of Pataruni assume that after spending too much time in it, she will one day become the spirit of the lake, but her family hopes that someday they will be able to take her to a doctor and cure her of the mysterious illness.


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