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Skin Care

Check out the reasons why you should prefer honey to raw sugar.

Honey is a thick liquid honey bees make from nectar of plants. It differs in terms of flavour and taste based on the type of flower it is made from. As a result, there are countless varieties of honey which are beneficial to humans.

1. It is better than normal sugar.

Although honey contains sugar, it is way better to take honey than the normal sugar especially for people with type 2 diabetes. This is because, it has a protective effect related to sugar levels. Nevertheless, patients of type 2 disease should not consume too much honey.

2. Promotes wound Ithealing and skin burns.

Honey, when smeared on the skin alleviates skin burns making the skin smooth. Again, it has antibacterial effects hence helps in the healing of wounds.

3. It suppresses coughing especially in children.

Honey can help reduce coughing when given to a child. No wonder most of the cough syrups contain honey.

4. It is simple to add to diet.

Honey is a good remedy when baking or cooking foods such as porridge. Again honey can be used for making our hot tea or coffee in the absence of raw sugar. Moreover, it is used for sweetening yoghurt.

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