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Living Habits

These habits are gradually killing you.

We may not know it, but there are little things we do that are detrimental to our health. As we go on in our day to day lives, we fail to take note of some activities we engage ourselves in that might either boost our immunity or decrease it. Below are listed four things we fail to do that might be harming our health.

1. Refusing to see a Doctor.

yes even though this is ignore, its important to have regular check ups at the hospital to make sure we might not be developing anything that might harm us in the future. What are some of the things we can check for when we visit the hospital? We can check for diabetes, blood pressure, in case we are sexually active we can also look for sexually transmitted diseases and finally we can make sure we aren't developing any form of cancer, because when these things are identified early it can be treated and long term effects can be prevented.

2. Living a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is living in a way that does not require you do a lot of physical activities like exercising. There are a lot of effects of not being active. We risk developing obesity, hypertension, and a whole lot more. Its important that we find time to exercise regularly to keep the blood flowing and our bodies healthy.

3. Poor sleeping habits.

Having an irregular sleep habits can harm our health. We risk having sleep apnea which leads to habitual snoring which can be very harmful to the body. Its important we have enough sleep on a regular basis as it can improve our health and our day in general.

4. Poor health hygiene.

yes another thing harming us is not keep a good and regular hygiene. Simply things like bathing regularly, brushing out teeth twice a day, eating healthy and regularly can help us live a long and happy life.

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