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How to fight against the spread of coronavirus and also the increase of rampant death.

Coronavirus is real, please everyone I will like to use this opportunity to get you confirmed that, the World 🌍 is still in danger. And the best thing we all should do as the server for the world is to mask 😷 up and also observed all the safety protocols. As an individual we should all fight for our lives and as a citizen we should also fight for our country and the world. The below information and tips show how one can protect him or herself from the attraction of coronavirus ( COVID-19 ).

1.We should wash and sanitize our ✋ regularly with soup and under running water.

2.We should observe physical distancing (social distancing). Which is 1.5m to 2m distance away from others.

3. We should sneeze or cough onto tissue or 🙅 elbow when tissue is not available.

4. We should stay home when we don't have anything to do in town to avoid the spread of the virus.

5. We should not fear those who has already contacted the virus and has escape from it.

6. We should avoid mask sharing.

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