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My Baby's Head Won't Stop Growing; Doctors Says It Impossible - Woman Cried In Pain

Hydrocephalus is a health condition in which one develops a swollen head.

The sad story of a 3month old baby whose head keeps swelling every now and then was captured by Afrimax , an organization that seeks the cases of children born different.

Presently, the head of the child has swollen to double the original size.

Due to the present state of the head, the mother said she finds it very difficult to carry him since the head has added a lot of weight to that of the child.

After the coverage of Afrimax, an insurance company in Kinyarwanda, the home country of this child got the opportunity to visit the child's family.

Despite the available of the monies donated by some neighbours and other charitable people, they couldn't get treatment for the child since the doctors in their home countries were not specialized in such operations.

But thanks to God, the visiting insurance company has a partnership with India, where they have been promised of a successful operation and at a favourable cost of US$9000 plus other expenses to help fly the child overseas for the operation.

All they are asking for is help to carry all this through.

To help you can follow the link below the video and also keep praying for this child and God will also not forget about this good deed.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

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