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15 Early symptoms of HIV in men.

In men, initial HIV symptoms are typically unspecific. Early symptoms are usually bearable and frequently mistaken for flu or another mild condition. People may easily underestimate them or mistake them for minor health conditions.

Men can experience flu-like symptoms some days to weeks after contracting the virus, which may include:

1. fevers

2. kin rash

3. headaches

4. A sore throat

5. Tiredness

Besides flu-like symptoms, some men may also experience more severe symptoms early on, such as

6. Dementia

7. Weight loss

8. Fatigue

Less common early HIV symptoms include:

9.ulcers in the mouth

10. ulcers on the genitals

11. night sweating

12. nausea or vomiting

13. sore muscles

14. pain in the joints

15. swollen lymph nodes

Men may undervalue initial symptoms and put off seeing a doctor until the symptoms worsen, by which time the infection might have advanced. 

The fact that some men do not seek timely treatment may be why the virus affects men more severely than women.

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