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Slay Queens Are Warned: Excessive Breast Exposure Can Cause Cancer

Ms Freda Agyemang Sarpong, a reproductive cancer advocate, has warned women and young girls against exposing their breasts to too much sunlight, as this can hasten the development of breast cancer.

Ms Sarpong, who works at Grace Homeopathy, believes that the frequent habit of breast exposure among young girls, particularly those dubbed "slay queens," is a dangerous path that leads to breast cancer contraction.

She explained that the radiation emitted by the sun, especially in sunny afternoons, was dangerous during an engagement with the Ghana Immigration Service Ladies Association (IMMILAC) on the theme "Building capacity and confidence through interaction and fun" in the Eastern Regional capital, Koforidua.

She said that such sun rays acted as catalysts, causing changes in body parts exposed to the light, with the breast being one of the most impacted body parts due to young women's exposure to the sun.


Ms Sarpong went on to say that wearing tights isn't a good idea.

Ms Sarpong recommended young women to undertake regular breast examinations, especially the day after their monthly periods, and to attend health institutions at least twice a year for check-ups in order to detect and treat the condition early if they get it.

"We must pay special attention to our breasts because any untreated health condition leads to death; because we do not want to die prematurely, it is critical that we examine our breasts on a regular basis to guarantee that they are always healthy," she continued.

She also advised women to allow their spouses to massage their breasts on occasion, which she believes is a healthy habit for preserving breast health, but warned men to "avoid squeezing their partners' breasts since it is a painful experience for women."


Prudence Sosu Azalekor, the GIS Eastern Regional Commander and Deputy Commissioner of Immigration (DCI), thanked the health professionals for their detailed teaching on breast cancer and other related ailments.

She asked IMMILAC members in the region to have their breasts evaluated in order to stay healthy and continue working with the immigration agency, as excellent health was required to do their jobs.

The IMMILAC hosted a health screening, eating competition, dancing competition, lime and spoon race, ludo and "oware" competition to round off the yearly celebration, with over 100 IMMILAC members taking part.

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